why we use McAfee Product Features?

  1. Protect unlimited devices
    Protect a limitless number of devices for you, your family and friends
  2. Across all devices
    One security solution for your desktop, tablet, mobile and wearable technology
  3. Centrally managed
    Secure all your devices from one simple-to-use console
  4. One single subscription
    Just one subscription covers all your security needs
  5. Personal Firewall
  6. Customised protection
    Guard against threatening activity
  7.  customise the level of protection to your needs
  8. Control network access
    Monitor what information travels between devices on your network
  9. Sophisticated filters
    Block suspicious incoming internet traffic and programs trying to steal your data
  10. Malicious app block
    Block malicious applications trying to send your personal data over the internet Anti-Spam protection
  11. Phishing protection
    Auto-detect emails trying to expose you to malware or trick you into giving away your data
  12. Anti-spyware
    Stop spyware infecting your devices and sharing your data with third parties
  13. Anti-spam filtering
    Prevent unsolicited emails from reaching your inbox Safe search with SiteAdvisor
  14. Protected mode
    Protect a limitless number of devices for you, your family and friends
  15. Site rating
    One security solution for your desktop, tablet, mobile and wearable technology
  16. Social media protection
    Secure all your devices from one simple-to-use console.
  17. Secure search
    Just one subscription covers all your security needs.

It would be very helpful if anyone who already used this product can share the link to download .
1.Go to www.mcafee.com/activate .
2.Enter activation code found under the scratch-off panel.
3.create your new account or log into your existing account.
4.Follow the instructions to download and install your product.

Is this the latest manufactured unit?

McAfee dealer has just sent a activation code (scratch card) valid for one year which should be activated through their official website by creating our own a/c. Upon activation, the latest version is allowed to download from web through and installed in our PC.

Smart marketers trust the McAfee SECURE certification to ease those concerns.

The McAfee SECURE certification allies your business to one of the one of the leading cybersecurity brands—helping decrease abandonment and bounces, and increasing sales.

  1. Make visitors feel safe.
    Once you’re part of the SECURE web, your site will display the floating trustmark, which lets people know and verify that you’re one of the good guys. The verification window and page can display in 19 different languages, and if you sign up for the Pro plan, you can configure the trustmark’s location to meet your business’s needs.
  2. Confidence when it counts.
    Pro users can display the engagement trustmark, which is smaller, static, and specifically designed to be seen where visitors need the most reassurance—like near credit card forms, on product pages, and in the shopping cart.
  3. Stand out in search.
    McAfee SECURE certified sites are automatically highlighted in the search results of McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software, which is used by over 50 million people to help them find sites they feel comfortable doing business with.
  4. SECURE on mobile, too.
    In 2014, for the first time ever, mobile internet traffic exceeded personal computer traffic1, meaning having a mobile security strategy is more important now than it’s ever beenThat’s why we designed the trustmark to work seamlessly on any device.
  5. See how your site stacks up.
    As a business owner, nothing is more valuable than knowing what your customers want. That’s why the Trust Survey, currently in beta, shows you real responses from visitors about the perceived trustworthiness of your site. See how you compare to hundreds of thousands of McAfee SECURE certified sites and use this information to build greater trust with your customers.

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