Step by step instructions to Stop the Active Shield Pop-Ups From McAfee

At the time of purchasing the product online, Mcafee will send you a unique license code which you have to enter in to activate the product. When the downloading process starts, mcafee asks you to redeem the 25-digit key code or a licensed key code, to subscribe the product for the desired chosen years.

You can cripple Active Shield pop-ups by killing all alarms in the McAfee SecurityCenter. You can’t debilitate pop-ups identified with your membership through SecurityCenter. Be that as it may, utilizes the Windows Notification administration for all its pop-ups and you can conceal all warnings from McAfee by changing a Windows notice setting.

McAfee SecurityCenter

  • Stage

Open McAfee SecurityCenter. Select “Home” under Common Tasks.

  • Stage

Pick “Arrange” under SecurityCenter Information and afterward click “Progressed” under Alerts.

Select “Instructive Alerts.” Click “Don’t Show Informational Alerts” and afterward pick “alright” to spare your changes.

Windows Notifications

  • Stage

Snap the Notifications triangle in your taskbar and select “Customize…”

  • Stage

Find the section for McAfee in the Icons segment. Snap in the Behaviors box and choose “Shroud Icon and Notifications.”

Select “alright” to spare your changes.

  • Tip

At the point when you see a McAfee spring up, you can choose “Don’t Show This Alert Again” to specifically cripple cautions.

  • Caution

The guidelines in this article apply to McAfee 2013 and prior items and to Windows Version XP through Windows 8. Different variants of McAfee or Windows may have somewhat various guidelines to shroud pop-ups or program warnings.

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