Introducing the McAfee Endpoint Protection on your frameworks

Download McAfee from and McAfee antivirus install. after installation, you can follow steps for McAfee product download with activation code menu to activate McAfee .

We are presently at the point where we can begin introducing McAfee Endpoint Protection on our PCs.

  1. We see that we have the decision to Install the insurance or to modify it. We’ll click tweak so we can see what alternatives are accessible.
    • Here we can see that we can gather the frameworks what will be secured under a particular gathering. We’re going to change the default name to something different.
    • We could likewise pick which segments we need to introduce and which setup to apply to every part. Here, we are going to keep all the default, and we see that the default is to refresh the items naturally. We should tap on Done.
    • What’s more, since we are on this PC as of now, we’ll decide to introduce the security on it. To start with, ensure that you are executive rights to the PC. Snap on “Introduce Protection on this PC”.
  2. An introduce window comes up. In the event that a spring up requesting that you spare or run McAfeeSmartInstall, shows up consequently, click run. On the off chance that there is no spring up, click Install on the website page. The spring up will at that point come up.
  3. Answer yes when inquired as to whether you need to enable the accompanying project to make changes to this PC. The establishment will begin.
  4. The Cancel catch will transform into OK when the establishment is finished. The window may close alone. If not, click OK. At that point close that window.
  5. We return to the establishment page.
  6. Presently, how about we introduce the insurance on different PCs. For that we’ll tap on “Introduce Protection to Other Computer”
  7. Presently you see that the framework has created an establishment connection, or URL. Tapping on the URL will begin the establishment.
  8. The most effortless approach to appropriate this URL to the frameworks that we need to ensure. Along these lines, this is the thing that we will do here. How about we duplicate the URL . At that point click OK t close the window. We’ll go to our email customer and compose an email with the URL and send it to the individuals whose machine we need to introduce the security on.
  9. Presently how about we change to another framework. A machine that we need to secure. How about we open our email. We’ve gotten our email with the connection. How about we click on it.
    1. As we did previously, we’ll select Run, at that point Yes, and the establishment begins.
  10. Close the window on the off chance that it doesn’t close naturally.
  11. Close the establishment website page.


Checking the establishment on our PCs

  • How about we confirm that the insurance was introduced. To begin with, we can check this PC legitimately. For that, we’ll click on the beginning catch, and we can see a McAfee Endpoint Security alternate way has been made. How about we select it.
  • The McAfee endpoint insurance UI comes up.
  • We can likewise confirm the establishment by looking in our ePO cloud comfort, which is very helpful so we don’t need to stroll to every framework to check them. We should return to our ePO cloud reassure. In the support, how about we click on View Dashboard.
  • We arrive on the Getting started with ePO dashboard.
  • We should tap on the PC button at the highest point of the comfort, and we can see a rundown of PCs that are overseen by the support
  • Here we see 2 frameworks, SMB1 and SMB2, which are the 2 frameworks we have quite recently run the establishment on. We currently realize that our frameworks are presently appropriately overseen by ePO cloud.
  • Double tap on one of the frameworks.
  • Here we can see insights concerning the framework, and, under the Product tab, you can see a rundown of the introduced items.
  • An effective default establishment will show you the McAfee operator, the endpoint security stage, the item improvement program, the Endpoint security firewall, the Endpoint security risk insurance and the End point security web control.

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